Sunday, 3 February 2013


The internet is a free space wich we should use to express ourselves. Blogging is important in an english classroom for it helps us express and ourselves and gain perspective. One my friends once posted about his experiences in Chiang Mai and what he felt through this trip. It was completely new to me and I had a totally different experience. It made me reevaluate my experiences in relation to me and the people around me. Blogging gave him the courage to post something that went against everyones else experiences and allowed him to be different and because of that post I have learnt how one situation has multiple reactions. Blogging has also helped the quietest people in my class bring out their points and perspective which is great because it gives a better understanding of what people think and do. Overall blogging is away to express yourselves and really say whats on your mind and letting it out to the world.

I actually much enjoy reading then writing the blogs 

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