Monday, 5 November 2012

Skyfall review

The director has interpreted Bond in a new way- cannot shoot straight or outthink the opponent, possessing very little drive or ambition, his support staff are even more incompetent-but that is just poetic licence. 

What got my goat was the extremely thin and weak storyline that has holes big enough to drive an elephant through several times (or I dozed off at critical points)-there is no mega-conspiracy, the villain got what he wanted in terms of the data as well as the death of his target, and it beats me why the villain had to go to so much trouble to physically get into MI6 when he anyhow was already hacked into the network. Finally the anti-climax why would any idiot prepare over days to repel an armed assault and not have stocked up on weapons, and why not have an elite SWAT team on standby 5 minutes away

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