Sunday, 7 October 2012


Writing in itself is very vague especially when add points of view. The thing with points of view is that it is has been shaped by your past experiences and encounters. It basically is how you see the world and   without points of view things become really dull and boring because there are no new ideas or thoughts you can develop from someone else's writing if you and him have the same point of view. Take my story. My point of view showed that Nadal fought to the end of the match and never gave up. But thats because  I have always seen Nadal fight to the end but truthfully for some of the match he had but because of his past experiences he manged to get back up and keep on playing. The thing is  if we all saw the same the things in the world there would be no imagination or creativity. We would all essential be the same people. There would be no discussions. Take me and Raj in math class we fight because we have learnt things differently and how to do things differently. But if we all hand the same point of view and understanding we would have no reason to fight and this bad because we learn nothing out of it. The best thing is that we don't have to worry about us being duplicates of each other because it is impossible for us to live the same lives. This would only happen if we were from the same culture and had the same background and experiences.       


  1. i agree with you when you say, that if we all saw life and things the same way we would learn nothing.

    1. I agree with you when you say if we have the same point of view and understanding we wouldn't learn anything.

  2. Very True, Ninad and a great point made across. We all see and learn things differently. We all come from different places and have been taught differently which is why today point of view plays a daily role throughout our lives.

  3. Thanks raj very well worded