Tuesday, 18 September 2012


The Olympics is a great sporting event that envolves the whole world. So I'm okay with the topic but I would have much more like to have the US election because it is a more current event and I feel that there is more to talk about and learn. Also the olympics this year were quiet boring in the sense that everyone knew what was going to happen and nothing extraordinary happened. In fact this year the only interesting part was the opening ceramony other then that it was the same thing as last year all over again. So from my point of view the US election is a much more interesting discussion to talk about.

The Olympics come and go but this years US election is very important because of the global recession and US being a strong economic power needs to be in good hands. Also there is a lot to learn about and new things find out. I mean how many people in our class know about ex-president clinton's speech that really attacked the republicans.

This is why I believe the right discussion for a round table was the US election

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